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we are  professional manufacturer of DVB series products which including satellite receiver, cable receiver and terrestrial receiver. We traditionally provide the OEM /ODM manufacturing services to our clients.  As a professional manufacturer in DVB field, we have rich experience and strong R&D team, strong supply chain for qualified materials, new and advanced SMT machines and testing equipment, perfect workmanship from skillful workers as well as a professional quality control team. With more than 15,000 square meters workshop and 9,000 square meters warehouse which can support monthly output 5,000,000 sets.

Basic on our strong R&D team and manufacture ability, we can produce all kinds of DVB products according to customers' requirements and satisfy customers’ individualized demands. We are increasingly expanding our international market and enjoy a good reputation because of our high competitiveness in price, quality, delivery & after-sales service.

Come to us, our well-trained engineers are reliable and capable in providing you the valuable suggestions and solutions for any of your purchasing orders. Maybe you are a professional distributor in your region or country, and maybe you are expecting a regular source of satellite receivers from China for the stable quantity and quality products, we are quite confident that we are your best partners.

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座落于全球DVB生产基地——深圳宝安。公司拥有强大的资金实力和一批五到十年的数字电视开发、生产、管理精英,严格按照ISO9001管理体系和ROHS环保标准,致力于国际 水平的数字电视、安防网络及信息家电等电子产品开发、生产和销售,在DVB行业里处于 地位。



秉承“诚信、务实、精益、创新”的企业理念,构建了科学有效的组织体系,组建了现代化的研发中心、制造中心和检测中心。公司在深圳、舟山设立了研发中心,建立了一支具备强大开发能力的研发队伍,培养了一批包括博士、硕士在内、多年从事数字电视终端设备及安防网络研发的技术骨干。与此同时,积极开展和国际、国内 大企业的合作,如日本 NEC 公司、美国 ST 公司,清华大学等,进行了高清电视机顶盒、高性能数字电视机顶盒等高技术含量的产品开发。



依托在嵌入式LINUX操作系统以及应用软件方面的技术优势及在数字电视传输、数字电视应用领域的产品优势,自成立起就拥有较高的技术水平和市场定位。公司在地面数字机顶盒,有线电视数字机顶盒,卫星数字机顶盒,IP数字机顶盒,数字电视中间件(嵌入式LINUX和JAVA虚拟机)、GSM汽车报警器、 GPS定位系统、防盗报警系统等方面搭建起了多品种、多层次的产品链。所有产品均符合ROHS环保标准,并通过欧洲CE认证、北美UL认证。 



为用户提供“ 、优质、唯美、环保“的产品,创造一个”丰富、精彩、灵性“的视听享受。凭借着品质、技术、网络的优势,产品已销往欧洲、东南亚、印度、中东、北美、北非、澳大利亚等国家和地区,努力打造国际 的数字电视、安防网络品牌。


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